Monday, April 16, 2012

Two things I heart

Rosie says: two things I'm craving right now, and one is even practical!

Love this bright mojito green windbreaker. It's time to replace my burnt out black one, and why not go for something more fun?! Living on the coast I couldn't do with out a good windbreaker, I wear it running errands, jogging and I always tuck it away in my suitcase on every trip. Mojito green to bright for you? There are an array of colors to choose from, and of course I love the white one too. 

Love anything Jill Platner. A surfer girl who lives and works in SoHo. Her love of the ocean and outdoors is why most of her jewelry is strung on tenara thread that resists UV rays and salt water. I never take mine off, not even in the shower. Her prices can be steep, I've started with a simple bracelet, but I can't wait to collect more!